Brush with a Body 2018

Brush With a Body by Maurice McLoughlin was first performed in London in 1962 and by VT in 1996. From the moment an Irish chimney sweep turns up at Sybil Walling's rambling three-storey house, things go from bad to worse for Henry Walling and his sisters.  Their less than helpful housekeeper has problems of her own, made more complex by an over-zealous police sergeant.  Kate's boyfriend adds to the trouble, as does a South American  ambassador's step-daughter.  Inspector Hardy has no hope of concluding his investigation as he hasn't the faintest idea what is going on. Henry's fiancée arrives to find the household in chaos, but after realising all is not quite as it first appears, happily joins in.  This year, the Valley Troupers celebrated their twenty sixth year. Some of those who acted in the original production took part again in this clever comedy.


Sara Walling

Cynthia Walling

Mr Flaherty, a chimney sweep

Mrs D'Arcy, the housekeeper

Henry Walling, a psychiatrist

Paul Martell, an actor

Sybil Walling

Det. Inspector Hardy

Sergeant Bray

Rosita Hernandez

Hon. Pamela Colefax

Kate Tuke

Amanda Furnival

Jim Fulton

Jan Fulton

Matt Shaw

Julian Hurford

Susan Child

John Tristram

Mike Faraday

Angela Claudino Da Silva

Juliet Hall


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Bar & Raffle

Ba Faraday, Philip Goddard

Stephanie Thompson

Tim Bucknall, Richard Hare, Peter Smith

Tara Huffman, Mike Faraday

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Pauline Knight

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