​is based on a story by Oscar Wilde published in 1887 and first produced as a play at the Royal Court Theatre on 7th October 1952.  Lord Arthur is engaged to the lovely Sybil Merton, but learns an awful fact about his future when his palm is read by a society cheiromantist. To the disadvantage of his aunts and his uncle, the noble lord tries his best to fulfil the palmist's prophecy before his wedding, but this leads to all kinds of difficulties. His lordship is ineptly assisted by his butler, a maid and a teutonic anarchist whose incompetence is matched only by his boundless self esteem.  


Baines, the butler
Lord Arthur Savile
Sybil Merton, his fiancée
The Dean of Paddington
Lady Windermere
Lady Clementina Beauchamp 
Lady Julia Merton, Sybil's mother
Mr Podgers, a cheiromantist
Nellie, a maid
Herr Winkelkopf, an anarchist

Philip Goddard
Matt Shaw
Juliet Hall
John Tristram
Susan Child
Tara Huffman
Ba Faraday
Mike Faraday
Amanda Furnival
Jim Fulton

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Amanda Furnival, Ba Faraday

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Tim Bucknall, Richard Hare

Tara Huffman, Amanda Furnival,
Graham Cole

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Harrison Bricknell, Philip Goddard

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