Directress of Thespian Expertise

Doyen of‘Harmony & Composition

Terpsichiorean Instructress

Electrical ‘illuminations‘

Verisimilitudinous Audio Effects

Purveyor of Locution


Raiment & Accoutrements Specialist

Master Carpenters

Executor of‘Pictorial Representation

Audacious Auditorium Expertise

Sue Woodruff

Lynden Webb

Laura Bateman

Harrison Bricknell

Amy Woodruff

Marcus Skinner

Cam Axsel

Linda Mayne

Richard Hare

Tim Bucknell

Lucy Schmidt

Mark Camillin, Liam Denny

Choral Troupers

Caroline Hillyard, Judith Hurbrd, Ruth Gould, Eileen Birch, Ellie Meiklejohn, John Birch, Peter Meiklejohn

Children Troupers

Tom Miller, Isabelle Skinner, Megan Shaw, Hattie Shiaw

A Bicycle Made For Two 2016

Thespian Troupers

Tim Bucknall, Fi Chubb, Tara Huffman, Kate Tuke, Susan Childs, Matt Shaw, Mandy Furnival, Peter Walker, Ba Faraday, David Woodruff, Billie Hodge, John Tristram, Jim Fulton, Sue Woodruff, Philip Goddard, Steph Thompson, Harrison Bricknell, Jufian Hurford.

A Bicycle Made For Two marked an entirely new chapter in the Valley Troupers' history. Many of us thought singing was for the birds until Sue Woodruff persuaded us otherwise. With hard work, dedication and a skillfful blend of existing members with imported talent, she managed to achieve some extraordinary results with a bunch of well loved old songs, lots of new ideas and a large cast, many of whom had never before thought themselves capable of performing in a musical production.

Part the First

Introduction and awful jokes

My old man said 'Follow the van'.

Daisy, Daisy

Hello, hello, who’s your lady friend?

Hold your hand out, naughty boy

Run rabbit run

Oh Mr Porter

The old bazaar in Cairo

The Spaniard who blighted my Life

The gallloping major

If I were a rich man

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

The lion And Albert

Fall in and follow me / Goodbye-ee

A nautical extravaganza


Fi, Tara, Kate, Susan, &Matt

Matt & Mandy

Fi, Tara, Kate, Susan, Mandy & Peter

Fi, Tara, Kate, Susan & Peter

Fi, Tara, Susan, Ba, David & Children


John T, Kate, & Matt

Jim, Eileen, Mandy & Sue

Philip, Susan, Fi, Steph, BA, Matt, David


Tom, Isabelle, Megan, Hattie


Tom, Isabelle,Megan, Hattie

Kate, Mandy, Susan, Matt, David,

Harrison, Philip, Alex

Part the Second

Introduction and even worse jokes

Three little maids

The 'Tiddly Pom'

A modern major general

Five foot two, eyes of blue

Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow

A damsel in distress (silent movie)

The marrow song

The gas man cometh

The honeysuckle and the bee

Burlington Bertie from Bow

Underneath the arches

On Mother Kelly's doorstep

Down at the old Bull and Bush

The Nationl Anthem


Ba, Mandy & Susan

Matt & David

Philip, Fi, Caroline, Eileen

John, Fi, Sue, Tara, Susan, Kate

Ba, Steph, Mandy

Charlie, Harry, Harrison, Tom, Tara, Bill Hammond, Doogie-doo

Julian, David, Tara, Ba & Fi

Peter, Ba, Mandy, Susan, Steph, & Liz

Eileen, John, A bumblebee


Jim, Philip, Kate, Susan, Matt, Fi & David

Fi, Caroline, Eileen, John, Jim

The Company

The Company