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A Bolt from the Blue 2015

* Fellow of The Institute of Trichnologists

A Bolt from the Blue was written by David Tristram and first performed in 2006. It is the extraordinary story of an ordinary electrical utilities engineer whose life revolves around the vital but humdrum business of maintaining our power distribution network. Following a bizarre incident in the course of his work, Edward slowly discovers that he appears to have undergone a dramatic and life changing experience which sets him apart from the rest of humanity. His condition, although unnoticed by his wife and ignored by his local doctor, creates mounting interest in specialist medical circles and attracts the admiration of a local lady scientist with a penchant for conducting bizarre longevity experiments on fruit flies. Inevitably, the world’s media get wind of the story and Edward’s strange predicament becomes ever more complex, stormy and explosive.

Amanda Furnival

Ba Faraday

Matt Shaw

David Hurford

Pat Conway

Tara Huffmann

Kate Tuke

Liz Lindsay

Peter Walker

Susan Child

Liz Lindsay

Make Faraday

Tara Huffmann

Juliet Hall

Pat Conway

Peter Walker

Susan Child

Pat Conway

Susan Child

Narrator 1

Narrator 2



Fire Chief


Mary Jones

Peter Rogers FRCS.

Local Doctor

Hospital Receptionist

Edward Nugent *FIT.


Sarah Appleby

Martin Jones

US TV Anchors

DI Thompson

DC Jarvis

Tara Huffman, Philip Goddard

Richard Hare

Linda Mayne

Harrison Bricknell

Philip Goddard, Matt Shaw

Susan Child, Linda Mayne,

Sue Woodruff, Anna Woodruff

Amanda Furnival,

Tim Bucknall, Richard Hare

Graham Cole, Tara Huffman

Pauline Knight

Sports & Social Club

Philip Goddard, Ba Faraday

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